Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reinstatement of Probation

Sometimes despite our best efforts we make a mistake after we are on probation. When this happens a number of things can happen. The judge may terminate our probation and issue a warrant. The judge may continue the probation if you have shown a good faith effort to comply with the terms and conditions of your probation. No matter what happens you need to take care of the matter in front of you. An attorney can help get your terms and conditions of probation changed or reinstate a prior probation if you failed to comply with the probation.

Of course, the ability of the attorney to fix your probation error depends on how you messed up your terms of probation. If you happened to miss a few hours of community service the attorney can generally fix that problem by extending the probationary period. But, if you commit a serious crime while on probation there is probably very little that your attorney can do for you unless there are some serious mitigating circumstances.

Reinstatement of probation is potentially a very useful thing for many people as it will prevent the imposition of the sentence, meaning you will not go to jail! Therefore complying with your probation is very important and will keep you out of trouble and out of jail.

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